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Hello everyone

Hey everyone, I would like to say hello. I was wondering if there was a community of swing voters who are "on the fence". Although I am not of age to vote, I have been relentlessly centrist over the summer of '04. Through my journal I disproved talking points and ranted. More or less it was cathardic, but it was not enough.

In the end, towards election day, I could not find either candidate likeable, or agreeing with me. Being Catholic really, really, stinks sometimes. I couldn't support Kerry for the abortion issues, I could not support Mr. Bush because of his unjust war, and because of his stance on the death penalty. In other words, I disagree with both sides. I am not for gay marriage, but financial benefits of marriage, like putting your partner in your will, being able to more readliy visit them in the beauracracy known as the hospital, etc. because i have heard the most rediculous stories.

I recently read Against All Enemies. I recommend it to you all. I am also reading America: The Book.

So anywho, I do hope we all can have a rip-roarin' (how Texan!) good time.

(P.S.) Other positions are:

Practicality in the Terrorism Campaign
Capturing Osama Alive
Making sure that you have the intelligence correct
Politics should be very separated from intelligence
The religous right makes Christianity look bad (stupid Puritans, they too were almost like them, desiring a theocracy)
I dislike people who condemn others to hell (Fallwell and Roy Moore)
I love John McCain
I hate Condelezza Rice
I hate Paul Wolfowitz
I want a flat tax (10%, no more %((%^*& brackets!)
I dislike beauracracy
I love Jon Stewart
Putting much pressure on the Saudis, since we trust them way too much.
Routing out radical clerics in Palistine, let it prosper and they might stop killing each other.
That is just a small portion, but I will stop now. I am scaring everyone.
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