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The Budget VS The Bible

* The Budget VS The Bible: Sojourners magazine wants you to let Congress know what you think of President Bush's proposed budget.

* Also in the current issue of Sojourners:
* Jim Wallis looks at evangelicalism and the "greatest heresy of the 20th century... the privatizing of faith."
* Brian McLaren compares Hotel Rwanda to The Passion of the Christ: "When I walked out of the 2005 film Hotel Rwanda this thought wouldn't leave me: If we really had the mind and heart of Christ, this is the movie we would be urging people in our churches to see."
* The magazine's special environmental section looks at the growing interest among 'evangelical' Christians about protecting the environment: "Despite wariness toward mainstream environmental groups, a growing number of evangelicals view stewardship of the environment as a responsibility mandated by God in the Bible."
* Also- did you know that if you buy a hybrid car, truck or SUV, that you can get up to $2000 from the federal government? That's in addition to the money you save on gas. (The Toyota Prius will only cost you an average $491 per year on gasoline, and was just voted "Car of the Year" by both CAR and DRIVER Magazine and Motor Trend.)

* Operation Truth takes on the continuing armor shortage being faced by troops in Iraq and the strain being placed on reservists and National Guardsmen.

* Newly elected Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean lays out his plan for the party and asks for your support. Meanwhile, John Kerry donated $1,000,000 to the DNC and encouraged his supporters to rally around Dean's grassroots vision.
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