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Before these crowded streets -- Earth Day Post

I've always been a little ambivalent about Earth Day because it seems slightly tokenistic to me, but with more and more people on both sides of the political aisle getting more invested in the health of the planet -- well, it certainly can't hurt. So, here are some links (some of them I've posted here before) to earth-friendly info and resources.

* Anna Sova Luxury Organics offers all-natural, non-toxic paints, textiles, gifts, candles, chocolates and more. Want to plan an organic, planet-friendly wedding? They've got you covered. Not sure which cleaning products are best for you and the environment? Anna Sova can tell you. This site is amazing. Go check it out.

* Renewable Choice offers wind power certificates for your home or car. I love their "commuter program" -- for $3.60 per month, I can buy enough wind power to off-set the fossil fuel emissions from my daily commute.

* Ask your local power company about their renewable energy options and incentives. For an extra $.008 per kilowatt, all the electricity for my apartment comes from clean, renewable, non-polluting sources.

* Request paperless billing. Everyone from your credit card company to your internet provider now offers the option of delivering your billing statement via email. You can still send in a check to the billing address, but you won't receive that monthly envelope stuffed with glossy advertisments that wind up in the trash.

* Starbucks is having Earth day celebrations at its store locations, with live music and offering tips on how individuals and corporations can be environmentally responsbile. Some of their ideas? Use your own coffee cup at your local store and save $.10 on your latte. Or receycle used coffee grounds in your garden or compost pile.

* The EPA has Five Things You Can Do To Reduce Air Pollution

* Check out EnergyStar CFL lightbulbs as an alternative to those expensive GE Soft Whites. I use these in my overhead lights, and love them. They use a fraction of the energy of a conventional lightbulb, give off a nice, soft glow and only need be replaced every couple of years.

* Sojourners magazine has a special environmental issue on Down-to-Earth Theology:
Our writers will take you from fishing boats in the North Atlantic to the Peruvian rain forest, from a rural retreat in Washington state to a Maryland bog, from the Garden of Eden to the highways and byways. And you'll find practical discussion of a faithful relationship with God's creation that ranges from our individual spiritual lives and habits to our collective shaping of policy.

* Sojourners is also helping sponsor an Earth Day discussion on "Sacred Oceans and Seas" with the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Programs.

* And what Earth Day would be complete without the Toyota Prius and all the other shiny, new hyrbid vehicles coming to car dealers within the next year:
Toyota is doubling production to sell 100,000 new Priuses in the US this year. This spring, the company will introduce the Lexus RX 400h, billed as the world's first luxury hybrid, followed by the Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV. And it's considering opening a US manufacturing facility...

Of course, Toyota's not the only company with a hybrid on the market (see "Hybrids Hed2Hed"). Honda has the Civic Hybrid, Accord Hybrid, and Insight. Nissan licensed Toyota's technology for the forthcoming Altima Hybrid. Ford introduced the Escape Hybrid SUV and Chevrolet has the Silverado Hybrid pickup. But Toyota has sold more hybrids than all other automakers combined, and it's the only manufacturer fully embracing the technology's long-term prospects... [w]hich means that if there's going to be a hybrid in every garage come 2020, Toyota must lead the way. It may seem odd that the company poised to overtake General Motors in the next few years as the world's biggest automaker is out to render the traditional internal combustion engine obsolete. But the early success of the Prius is making believers out of Toyota suppliers.
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